Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hello Again

Hello Fellas!
After the loooongg business for our different high schools and five of us rarely met again, finally we'll share something again. Firstly, did u know dat Jihan, one of us, has moved to Surabaya? Yes. But, she could come to Jakarta if she is free. Andd before Jihan had moved, we made little farewell party for 2 days. The first was taken place in Colette & Lola with 4 of us and the second day was on a few hours before she left and we're in Jihan's house. We ate popcorn, martabak, and did laughing, alsoo taked many picturessss. But that day without makeup and dresses. We all was very enjoying and love that time. Here are da photoss!

We are soo happyyy because we were with people who have the same humor, thought, and feeling You can see that craziness with friends. We also bought a pack of polaroid then we spent all polaroids and those the resultss!


Despite, Jihan lived far with us, we'll be together as always.
And we'll post again when we all in free time.

The most enjoyable time was having fun with best friends -Five&Fab